1. How long has Settle In been in business ?

We are a brand new company found this year. Full of fresh people looking to help anyone willing to start a new life beyond the border.

2. Why can’t the assignee go on the Internet and look for this information ?

The Internet has an overwhelming amount of out-of-date, unreliable information on foreign destinations. Our information is vetted to make sure it’s accurate. Dedicated ‘in-country staff’ give us the edge in knowing just where to find certain information.

3. What type of information do you provide ?

Our company is a comprehensive information source for assignees, business travelers or anyone who wants to move out of his country. Key pre-departure requirements, in-depth country orientation and living-in information, as well as business and social customs give the traveler an unparalleled country view.

4. How many destinations do you have online ?

For the moment Settle In offers two destinations (France and Bulgaria) but in the end more than fifty destinations will be accessible to you. Our team is spread among these countries and are willing to provide the highest quality information as a beholder.

5. What if I don’t see the destination I need ?

We continually add destinations to our list. If you do not see a particular destination, please contact us and we will add it to the queue for development.

6. Do you offer anything for the family ?

Yes of course. We offer a great resource for families. There is a whole section devoted to spouses/partners and children. Often, they are the ones that have more time to spend accessing the site to prepare for relocation. There is also a complete resource of links for local clubs and organizations, international schools and housing areas, and information on pets.

7. What about mobile access ?

All destination reports are mobile-friendly and accessible on all platforms. We work only with the best telephone operators in France and Bulgaria, who are offering great short-term and long-term contracts.

8. What about cross-cultural solutions ?

Settle In offers free online courses for basic cultural enrichment. Our colleagues from France and Bulgaria will help you to get familiar with their cultures and beliefs.

9. I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you ?

Yes, please contact our team directly.

Phone : +33 00 00 00 00

Email : contact.Settelin@gmail.com

Twitter : @settleinproject

Facebook : @SettleInProject

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